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so i have an update, of sorts, for you guys.

things have been steady at least the past 2 weeks, after wearing a wrist splint for 2 weeks the numbness i my forearm and hand have subsided. My thumb and forefinger still feel “weird” at times … but i’m not complaining.

I had an EMG done on the 23rd of last month, and went for my results today. As the testing doc had already shared with me, all seems normal. So the good news is i don’t appear to have any nerve damage. Bad news is my doc thinks i’m developing TOS, or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for those in the know.

Now I know all about TOS … and I hafta say … I think he is wrong. I talked this all over with the Doctor who gave me the EMG (who I might add, did a more thorough exam than my doc has since the surgery.) Given the time I was in the sling, the fact that I IMMEDIATELY went back to work (at a computer all day, no less), coupled with the fact that I was trying to drum again, caused me to have Carpal Tunnel symptoms.

Now my scapula still wings a bit, and this is a big problem for me. Reach over your and feel your scapula, find the ridge on top on the inside, then follow that down to your AC joint, about halfway between that, I have a large POINT that juts out, and seems to be the cause of most of my discomfort. If anyone else know what that may be, I’d be open to suggestions.

Again my doctors says that its from TOS causing something or other to not work properly, and letting my shoulder blade droop. I’ve heard this can be from cut ligaments or tendons from the surgery, or from nerve damage causing the muscle to atrophy. Again, if anyone has opinions on this or has heard something I may have not, I’m all ears.

So, I start my first REAL physical therapy course next Wednesday, I’m hoping if I can build up the muscles in my shoulder maybe I can get the pain down to a minimum. I’m scheduled to meet with another doctor the beginning of June to have a second opinion … he comes highly recommended and just put my buddies humorous back together.

Ill let you guys know…and remember … “it’s a celebration bitches!”

Over and out.