The History We Are Doomed To Repeat

Swayin to the rhythm of the New World Order
Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums
Keep your head down, go to sleep to the rhythm of the war drums
-A Perfect Circle

From Berlin Diary, this is William Shirer’s journal entry for August 10, 1939:

“How completely isolated a world the German people live in. A glance at the newspapers yesterday and today reminds you of it. Whereas all the rest of the world considers that the peace is about to be broken by Germany, that it is Germany that is threatening to attack Poland over Danzig, here in Germany, in the world the local newspapers create, the very reverse is being maintained. (Not that it surprises me, but when you are away for a while, you forget.) What the Nazi papers are proclaiming is this: that it is Poland which is disturbing the peace of Europe; Poland which is threatening Germany with armed invasion, and so forth. This is the Germany of last September when the steam was turned on Czechoslavakia.

For perverse perversion of the truth, this is good. You ask: But the German people can’t possibly believe these lies? Then you talk to them. So many do”

To Sun, with Love

How I’ve missed you. Having to keep my back to you while separated by glass and steel. I long for your touch on my skin, like a warm lover, radiating life from your very core.

I know you’re coming, but it’s a long wait. It seems like forever, and by the time you get here I will be long gone, but it brings me great pleasure to know you’ll make it inevitably.

Your very self will consume the ground I walk on, this place I call home. Your fires will burn and melt the steel that separates us now, reducing all that is to ash, until you take up the very space I find myself in now.

And after the Earth is consumed, and you’ve had your fill, you will retreat once again to the blackness of space, reduced to a mere shell of your former self, yet never questioning your destiny.

I envy you, for both your longevity and your objectiveness; a silent monolith, both giving and taking life, like all great things in this world.