Holy Wolf-Man Wednesday, Batman!

Holy Wolf-Man Wednesday, Batman!

So back at the CAPE convention I had the honor of meeting with and talking to Robert Kirkman, writer and comic creator extraordinaire. He’s behind The Walking Dead, invincible and the Astounding Wolf-Man.

So after chatting him up like all the fanboys do me and my boy Evan slipped him some artwork and our cards, and he told us to email him. A few days later he asked us if we would like to contribute pin-ups for his Wolf-Man book, and we both jumped at the chance.

So the Astounding Wolf-Man 7 came out today, with our pinups inside!

There’s mine (I almost pooped my pants in the store!)

And Evan’s..

And there’s the awesome plug he hooked us up with!

It marks the first thing I’ve had published by a “major” publisher, not to mention it’s IMAGE COMICS, the brand I grew up reading and emulating. Hopefully it’s only one of the many opportunities to come.

So go to your local funnybook store and grab a copy of Astounding Wolf-Man 7! Like, Now! Cuz I’m totally gonna’ be famous someday! =P

And for my next project:: Marvel Masterpiece III Sketchcards.

Can you say “w00t”?