Here?s the 2nd batch of pages form my ne gig. Once again I?d like to do more with these but am on a SUPER-tight deadline. I?m happy with them for what they are, and the client seems to really dig them, so everybody wins.

Page 6 left intentionally blank for credits. 😉



More to come next week.

Project: Rooftop – Wolverine

Project: Rooftop – Wolverine

So here is my first entry into the Project:Rooftop redesign contest for Wolverine: Look Sharp.

Of all the characters to try and redesign I think the only one more difficult than Wolverine is Superman. He’s such an iconic character with such cool costumes it’s a tall order to fill.

My thoughts behind this design are strictly utilitarian. Wolverine is for all intents and purposes indestructible, so his clothes should be too. The suit is Kevlar, not so much for stopping bullets but for holding up in a rough brawl. Steel toe-boots and gloves with claw holes allow him to be the best there is at what he does without shedding his threads every 5 minutes.

I’ve done away with the mask as well, to me it would only get in the way. Ditto with the hair, which has been shortened. Long hair is not your friend in a fight.

I also tried to combine some of my favorite costume elements into one. I grew up on the Jim Lee run of Uncanny, so I’ve always been partial to the huge chest X. I also dig the classic colors but left out the yellow to help maintain the element of surprise. I also just really like the adidas stripe design and wanted to give out a shout out to my boy Evan.


I hope I at least get honorable mention!



Here are the first 4 pages from my current full-time super secret gig. These are for an online-only educational reading program. I’m pumping these out pretty fast thanks to a VERY tight deadline, but so far I’m happy with how they’ve turned out, all things considered.


More to come!