Senryu fundraiser update

Senryu fundraiser update

04_05“Progress” spread from Senryu.

So the fundraiser is going well.

I?m already at almost 2/3 of my goal of $300. Thanks to everyone who has donated and helped spread the word. It means a lot, especially after having set Indy Comic Book Week into motion and then losing the financial ability to get my own book out for the event.

That being said there?s still that last 33% to go! So please, donate if you can. If you?re a comic lover, an independent media lover or just someone who digs my art/wallpapers please donate what you can. This has been a big dream of mine for a while and with the success of ICBW it?s the best time to get it into stores.

Everyone who donates will get a digital copy of the finished book. Larger donors will likely get original art or some other personalized goodies, depending on how many people donate (there are only 36 pages to give away).

Again you donate at this link or by clicking the donate button below.

So thanks for all the help, here?s to hoping I can reach my goal by November 15th!

30 Characters – Day 2: Mountain Man

30 Characters – Day 2: Mountain Man

Day 2 of the 30Characters/30Days project.


Discovered wandering the Pacific in 1903, Mountain Man was recruited into the first Federal League of Heroes in 1933.

After decades of loyal service tragedy struck on June 26th 1980, when, in the heat of battle, Mountain Man was knocked unconscious by Professor Gravitron. His subsequent fall to Earth wiped Plano, Texas and its 220,000 citizens off the map.

He has since become a recluse, shying away from public attention. He now resides in Yellowstone National Park.

30 Characters – Day 1:Pantsless Gramps

30 Characters – Day 1:Pantsless Gramps

I’ve signed up to participate in an event for November called 30 Characters, where each day of the month you create a new character and post it to the blog.

Below is my entry for day one, Pantless Gramps.


Heroes beware for in the shadows lurks Pantsless Gramps, the super-senile psychic senior citizen! He can move matter with his mental might! He cannot, however, remember where he put his pants.

I spent way more time on this than I had planned, about 3 hours. Tomorrow’s character will be slightly less intricate, promise.

I’ll be cross posting these to the blog here as well as my DeviantArt account. I’m really looking forward to it!