Sketches, sketches, sketches!

So a few of us Dallas folk got together and started a weekly sketch blog called Metrosketchual. Below is my piece for our first weeks’ theme, Ghostbusters!

And here are a few rejected sketches that I just wasn’t feeling. They’re decent enough, but I wanted something that better captured the vibe of the first movie. Plus Slimer was a straight-to-ink warm up sketch.

Staple! 2010

I’ll be in Austin this weekend to attend the 6th annual Staple! Independent Media Expo.


I’ll be out with the entire Space-Gun Crew (Jake Ekiss, Evan Bryce, Paul Milligan and Vinh-Luan Luu) hawking prints, sketches and copies of Senryu.

Staple! is a blast and my favorite con of the season to attend, so if you’re in Austin come out and have a look around, you’ll find some of the best independent comics America has to offer.

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