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Want some free art? Of course you do! So for a limited time anyone who orders a commission will get a free prints shipped with their order.  If you want just a print they are also on sale for $10 a piece, shipping included.

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It’s first come/first served for the freebies, but if you want something in particular and I’m sold out I can probably be persuaded to print you out a custom giclee.

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TweetCongress Infographic in the News

The infographic commissioned by Tweet Congress has gone somewhat viral and appeared on several news/government sites, below is  round up of all the mentions I can find so far.

MSNBC Technoblog: Weiner’s trouble dampens congressional tweeting
Gizmodo: What Weinergate did to Congressional tweeting
The Hill: Lawmaker tweeting falls in week after Rep. Weiner’s troubles
PC Magazine: Weinergate’ Prompts Members of Congress to Watch What They Tweet?
Time Newsfeed: Playing It Safe: Lawmakers Are Tweeting Less After Weiner’s Scandal


TweetCongress Infographic

I was commissioned recently by my good friend Chris McCroskey to do an infographic laying out how the Anthony Weiner scandal has affected Congressional tweeting.

His site,,  has gotten a lot of attention from the story as their service archives all congressional tweets, even ones that are later deleted. used the information to determine that Rep. Weiner had posted the photo from his Tweetdeck application, and had been using it for several hours prior to his claim of being hacked.


Data pulled from, ABC News and CNN.