So, after much frustration at the hands of a crafty domain squatter the blog is finally back up and runningl. WordPress is good to go and the database has been recovered. Big thanks to my good friend Amelia for all the technical help. Also, my apologies for the repeat posts. We’re back to normal now and you should see nothing but new material from here on out.

Despite the downtime I’ve been busy on several fronts and have a few noteworthy updates. First up is…

Indy Comic Book Week

Long story short is, the one and only distributor of comic books, Diamond, is taking a week off in December, and after some inspiration from Kyle Latino, Space-Gun Studios decided to take some initiative and start Indy Comic Book Week.

Paul Milligan did the logo and I put together the website and we started spreading the word through social media, and it’s actually taken off quite well. At the moment we have upwards of 20 DFW area stores participating (including Zeus, Titan, Madness and Lone Star), and will have a chance to get our own books on “new comic” shelves come December 30th.

For more info and to follow the event’s progress visit

Which brings us to…


I’ll also be participating in Indy Comic Book Week with my first book, Senryu. Below are a few preview pages, you can see a write-up on the ICBW blog.