dr_manhattanSo the comic project that was scheduled to start in 2010 has officially fallen through, and with spare time and bills a-plenty pilling up I’m going to open up spots for Holiday commissions.

Commissions can be of any character; comic book heroes/villians, movie or literary figures, portraits of your loved one or even original artmade by me left to my own devices. 😉

I’ll be taking payment through PayPal, and will gurantee a pre-Christmas delivery for all requests I receive before December 9th. Base price for pieces will be $10 for b&w and $20 for color.

I’ll accomodate digital delivery as well as snail mail orders for folks who want original art. If you want to be really picky and/or make a complicated request email me at soulcoredotnet (a) gmail.com to talk specifics.

$10 bucks gets you an inked sketch of any character delivered by email.
$20 bucks gets you a full color sketch delivered by email.
$30 bucks gets you an inked sketched delivered snail mail style.
$40 gets you a color print delivered snail mail style.
$10 per each additional character.

Order with the handy Paypal Dropdown below!

2009 Holiday Sketches