The Challenge

Hitrust approached me with a specific vision in mind; produce a short comic book for use at conventions, industry events and online that could easily and quickly provide an overview of their in-depth information security frameworks to prospective clients. They had a script in hand but first needed help translating it into a comic book friendly format.

The Solution

Working from their script we first outlined the flow and order of the conversations, paying careful attention to pacing and the density of information on the page. Once the final script was approved artwork production could begin.

The Process

Rough sketches indicating character and word balloon placement were passed on to the client for approval. From there the art moved through the typical phases found in comic production: pencils, inks, color art, and lettering.

The Final Product

With art approved it was time for the pre-press phase, which includes layering the letters onto the artwork and prepping the final files for the printer. The final product is a gorgeous comic that succinctly sums up Hitrust’s mission.

Matthew was very easy to work with, very personable and met every deadline – which in our line of work, our deadlines are always fast and furious. I would most definitely recommend Matthew to anyone – as long as he’s not too busy to work for me! Two thumbs up!
Mandy Gorena

Art Director, Concentra

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Let's talk shop.