“Religion and Spirituality are often confused with each other, yet in many respects religion has very little to do with spirituality and everything to do with the attainment of secular power and wealth for rather base and venal reasons.”

“Religion invariably presents an oversimplistic and narrow view of reality, is intolerant of contrary views and demeaning to the basic tenets underlying spirituality in that it attempts to present a finite and limited interpretation of the infinite.”

“Spirituality on the other hand is usually a far deeper personal experience associated with an individual’s personal quest to re-discover his or her essence and who he or she really are. (i.e. the essence of one’s identity so to speak) This quest invariably involves entering into some form of holotropic state (either planned or spontaneously) and experiencing a life-changing spiritual event associated with the person’s reconnection with the Creative Principle (or God, for want of a better name) This ‘reconnection’ has no real counterpart in everyday human experience, so very few people who experience it ever talk about it.”

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