Spider-Druid: Across the Spider-Verse Spidersona

Written by Matthew Warlick

September 19, 2023

Why yes, I did see Across the Spider-Verse and I thought it was brilliant! I liked it so much in fact, I did something I haven’t done in years… fan art! ⁠

So, like, here’s my #Spidersona: The Symbiotic Spider-Man.⁠ Keep reading for details and L O R E⁠


While on the road, heavy metal drummer Steven Matthews stumbled into a situation that altered his life forever. Thinking they had seen a UFO, he and his bandmates raced to the object, only to be confronted by a ship full of savage symbiotes.⁠

Everyone except Steven was killed.

He only survived thanks to the help of a rouge symbiote, DRUID, who had escaped from captivity after being sentenced to death for crimes against the collective.⁠

⁠Also among the ship’s wreckage was a set of powerful rings. Made from both Alien tech and dark magic, they allow their wearer near-clairvoyant senses and the ability to open portals to anywhere they can think of.⁠ Thanks to the enormous energy output of the portal rings, the symbiote doesn’t need to fully bond with its host and can live off the cosmic energy alone.⁠

This allows the duo to separate anytime they choose, and while Steven longs for a normal life he also understands that with great power comes great responsibility. ⁠DRUID enjoys the cosmic buffet and is just happy he’s not rotting in The Cube.

Together they protect Earth-426 from threats both common and cosmic alike. They are The Symbiotic Spider-Man! ⁠


A few alternate designs before deciding on the final look.

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