Stand with Japan

Written by Matthew Warlick

March 17, 2011

Bid on original art and I’ll donate 95% of the proceeds to The Red Cross to benefit disaster victims in Japan.

I’ve watched with horror over the past few days as Japan has been hit with dual natural disasters and now an unfolding nuclear catastrophe that could affect them, and the entire world, for years to come. I watched in awe as the tsunami swept through Sendai, not able to shake the feeling that I was watching a disaster movie with amazing effects, but unfortunately it’s all too real.

I tried to think of ways to help, and felt pretty powerless those first couple of days to do anything but watch the events unfold. Then I decided I’d donate the one thing I do have, time and energy, to try and raise some money for disaster relief.

So I decided to do some art for charity and am auctioning off  original art of the Marvel Comics character Sunfire, the fiery defender and one time Emperor of Japan (in the Marvel U at least.)

So why not make a bid, help the people of Japan and get some awesome original art in the process?

The auction closes Sunday the 20th at 5:30PM.

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