The Old Ones

Written by Matthew Warlick

November 7, 2010

While freelancing to pay the bills I’ve been hard at work on my first ever original graphic novel The Old Ones, and am happy to be posting the first update of my progress.

My good friend and Space-Gun Studio mate Jake Ekiss has been helping me refine the story and a few weeks ago we finished the final script for the first chapter. Below are the first 7 pages of blue lines, ruled and ready to ink.

I’ll be posting more updates as I complete pages and hit milestones, but won’t be posting any finished art until I’m well into the project. When the time comes we’ll be  launching a proper stand-alone site to host The Old Ones as a once-weekly webcomic.

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for random updates that don’t make the blog and you’ll be able to catch more of The Old Ones as it comes to life.

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  1. Ron

    Looking forward to this one!!