How I’ve missed you. Having to keep my back to you while separated by glass and steel. I long for your touch on my skin, like a warm lover, radiating life from your very core.

I know you’re coming, but it’s a long wait. It seems like forever, and by the time you get here I will be long gone, but it brings me great pleasure to know you’ll make it inevitably.

Your very self will consume the ground I walk on, this place I call home. Your fires will burn and melt the steel that separates us now, reducing all that is to ash, until you take up the very space I find myself in now.

And after the Earth is consumed, and you’ve had your fill, you will retreat once again to the blackness of space, reduced to a mere shell of your former self, yet never questioning your destiny.

I envy you, for both your longevity and your objectiveness; a silent monolith, both giving and taking life, like all great things in this world.