Hiding the Bodies

I dreamt I killed someone last night. I had a dream before that about someone with long, curly black hair, but then went back to sleep and dreamt again.

It makes no sense. Something about a girl I was seeing in my dream at the time. She had made these little notes directing me to places, like a cutesy scavenger hunt.

Except when I find the last one, it’s on a railroad track. And there is a car at one end, and a van at the other.

She said something like “my hatred will be the end of you, or my love will be the beginning”

She then proceeding to get into the car, and play chicken with the van. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I tried to hide behind a telephone pole just in case they were aiming for me.

Turns out they weren’t. They hit each other and hard. She then gets out, dazed and confused like she doesn’t know what’s going on, and proceeds to freak out because evidentially she just killed this guy.

Now this whole part was blurry up until the cars hit each other, then it got crystal clear.

So I needed to dump the body, and being how dreams work, my old stomping ground of Lake Lavon was just a few feet away, so I decided to dump the van in the lake.

Only as I was trying to do so, homeboy’s head came popping out the van when I opened the door.

So there I am, standing knee deep in muddy lake water, with a beheaded corpse in a van and his head floating in the water at my feet.

And then I woke up.

The Great Writ

In the wake of the ever-unfolding Foley page scandal most people missed a little piece of legislation passed though Congress last week called the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

I’ll let MSNBC’s Keith Olberman give you the quick breakdown.

Habeas Corpus is Latin for “you should have the body”.

It’s the Great Writ, giving you and everyone you know the right to challenge your accuser, in a court of law, with access to the evidence presented against you. It predates our own constitution, and has now been effectively neutered by our new Unitary Executive.

And here’s the problem; depending on how he words his signing statement, this could virtually wipe out America’s right to trial by jury. The definition of enemy combatant has been ever-so-slightly reworded to include pretty much anyone the president wants.

Don’t think it can happen to an American? Ask Jose Padilla.

And the fact remains that people like myself could easily be misconstrued as giving aid or comfort to supporters of terrorism, as I try to have sympathy for all sides. It’s called compassion, and it’ something the leaders of this country lack.

The fact is becoming increasingly clear who this administration considers the enemy. It simply reaffirms my beliefs about 9-11, and the supposed existence of the Global Organization known as Al-Qaeda.

It’s all about keeping you afraid, so you capitulate.