Well, well, well. Look who’s come crawling back. Again.

It’s true. I’m disillusioned with social media.

I don’t want to make TikToks all day, I want to make art. And maybe write about it a little. And so, tentatively I’m back to blogging…? I don’t know anymore, this whole content-creation landscape makes me do this…

I won’t’ lie, it’s very comforting coming back here and seeing all the old posts sitting and waiting. When I started digging back into the blog for the first time recently it hit me just how much I miss having a platform I can control.

Sure, it’s not populated by millions of ethereal users who might interact but it does let me be my uncensored self, with no algorithm to please and no gatekeepers to hide my content (Fuck even just that word bothers me!).

The plan so far is to use the blog as the true-true, he-who-remains, single-source, absolute gospel for AOW “content”, ie all the stuff I want to make. So if it’s worth posting it’ll be posted here first.

Speaking of, I’m just about to break 4,000 followers on Instagram and I’m planning a nice little original art giveaway lined up to celebrate. Come join us.