Freelancing the day away

I seem to have fallen into a nice little ritual these first two months of working for myself. I usually get up around 8 and stumble to my computer and begin the day with my morning ritual of news, music art and random YouTube videos.

I’m usually working by 10:15 or so, and if I have needy clients they usually call about this time. I usually take a lunch and work at my computer, catching up on blogs and political message boards, then dive back into after I’m finished grubbing.

I work a few more hours and at about 3:45 every day I get really restless. I take advantage of this time to shower and shave, feed the cat, take out the trash, etc. I usually curse my lack of groceries or snack food at this point as well. If errands need be ran or checks need be deposited this is the last chance before Dallas’ insane rush hour traffic hits the freeways.

Once that adventure comes to an end it’s back to work, usually doing some sort of freelance web design, or if I’m really lucky, a bit of the ole drawrin’ even.

I wrap it up about 6 and retire to do other, important, non-computer related things. Dinner comes up quick then it’s a BBC documentary or the newest Netflix delivery. I’m a nerd, I know.

I usually end up coming back to the desk to either work on comic stuff or my own illustrations, I can’t ever seem to really shut the creative drive off, you simply sate it for a bit.

See, I can’t even come up with a nice succinct wrap-up for this blog post, because well, duty calls and I’d rather be creating!