Dr. Manhattan

So here’s Jon, my favorite character from The Watchmen, in all his naked glory (Why artists tend to shy away from artistic nudity is beyond me).

I penciled this back about the time the movie came out and have just now gotten around to inking it thanks to crazy work deadlines. Hope you enjoy!


A time lapse video of the inks will be up soonly as well!


So now that I’m in a groove with my graphic novel gig I’ve had some free time on the weekends to just play around and draw for me again. Here’s something I did this weekend, inspired by a desire to make a children’s book and the song Clouds by Kaddisfly.


TWAYKI: 13-16

Batch number four of the TWAYKI pages.

I’m currently penciling/inking pages 29-30 and looking back on these pages from a few weeks ago they seem a little stiff to me now, but I can already tell a marked improvement in my speed and quality. Hopefully I’ll keep better AND faster as the project progresses.