Tron 2’s Quorra

Update: Buy the giclee print here!

Thanks to my fellow Dallas-area artist Terry Parr I was recently inspired do a sexy pinup and decided to do a Tron 2 piece featuring Quorra. It took me a few days to get the colors right but I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Detail shot below. Color holds abound!

And the finished piece.  Click to super-size it!

Venom Pinup.

Venom used to be one of my favorite villains, back when he was still a villain.  He had so much potential as a sci-fi foe for Spider-Man but the 90’s comics craze saw him turn from brain-eating super villain to do-gooding anti-hero.

I enjoyed the maniacal, twisted, flesh eating Venom, and I miss him.  So I used a bout of insomnia to finish the following pinup up Eddie Brock and your not-so-friendly neighborhood symbiote in all their sinister glory.


Progress with a process. Or, How I Make Comics.

I’ve always enjoyed a look behind the process of my favorite artists and thought I’d share my current process with anyone who might be interested. Below is a 6 view cross-section of how I currently work on comic art and pinups.

[swf src=”” width=600 height=452 You must have Flash to view this file[/swf]

Step 1: Roughs

I usually do super small roughs in a sketchbook or on printer paper. I’ve found working small in the beginning helps me keep my proportions in check and focus more on the shape, flow and composition of the piece. For this I wanted a classic action pose for Powerman and Iron Fist, so I did stand-alone figure shots and composited them for penciling.


The Old Ones

While freelancing to pay the bills I’ve been hard at work on my first ever original graphic novel The Old Ones, and am happy to be posting the first update of my progress.

My good friend and Space-Gun Studio mate Jake Ekiss has been helping me refine the story and a few weeks ago we finished the final script for the first chapter. Below are the first 7 pages of blue lines, ruled and ready to ink.

I’ll be posting more updates as I complete pages and hit milestones, but won’t be posting any finished art until I’m well into the project. When the time comes we’ll be  launching a proper stand-alone site to host The Old Ones as a once-weekly webcomic.

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for random updates that don’t make the blog and you’ll be able to catch more of The Old Ones as it comes to life.