The Art of Akira

To say that Akira is a big influence on a lot of artists is an understatement, but coming into it late in the game I remember being amazed that I had never seen it, and awed at what they were able to pull off with 1988 animation techniques.

I’ll have the above piece of Tetsuo available as a print at this years DCC, be sure and check out The Art of Akira exhibit while you’re there.

Agent Broyles

I’ve been watching Fringe marathon-style the past week while I work on layouts and try to drum up freelance work.  Here’s an Agent Broyles marker sketch from the batch.

I’ll have this, as well as other sketches, prints and even custom commissions up for grabs next month at Dallas Comic Con.


I’ve been pretty busy lately with design work, illustrations and the beginnings of production work on my own creator-owned comic project. Unfortunately I won’t get to post most of that work  until their respective sites have been approved and launched. In the meantime here’s a recent commission I can show, one of the manthings keeping me busy these days.