Raised in the rural expanses of North Texas, I subsisted mostly on Totinos Frozen Pizzas, Nick at Night reruns, and Marvel Comics. Fueled by funnybooks and Saturday morning Cartoons I began drawing long before I could form memories while Bob Ross and a very artistic grandmother taught me how to paint. I've been creating ever since.

I played drums in a metal band for a while. Then after a brief stint in the advertising world, I jumped ship to follow my passion for art and illustration.

I've created work for Printed in Blood, Image Comics, Titan Books, Samsung,  SETI, Upper Deck's The Marvel Masterpiece Trading Card Series, Topps’ Star Wars sketch card series, as well as countless small businesses and indie publishers.

While I enjoy all types of creative projects my true passion is for the aesthetic fusion of comic book dynamism, pop-art psychedelia, UFO occultism, and gothic-inspired memento mori into a style that I have yet to find an appropriate name for.

I create full-time from my home studio in Dallas, surrounded by my Partner and our menagerie of wild beast: Isis and Morrigan the rescue labs, and our three feline overlords, Havok, Domino, and Vader.

I saw a UFO once, but that’s a story to be told in person.

Let's talk shop.

Let's talk shop.