So after an almost 3 month absence of posting to the blog I’m finally back. Needless to say the new day job has taken up more of my time than I’d planned and not turned out like Id hoped it would.  Long story short what should have been a small creative shop has quickly bloated to a “agency” model with little room for quality or accountability.

That aside I’ve been hard at work on The Old Ones. I’ve got the entire story plotted and am working on the second draft script at the moment. With some help from my Space-Gun Studio mate Jake Ekiss the 3rd or 4th draft should put me in a good spot to start art duties on the book.

And speaking of, I’ve got a Kickstarter project going to try and raise money for the project. Please share the link, and donate if you can!

There are a few more small things in the works that I’ll announce later on. For the moment I’ll leave you with a random stream of consciousness brush pen sketch done over my break last week.

See ya soon.