Blackstar and the Blind Prophet

Written by Matthew Warlick

January 25, 2016

I wasn’t as affected by Bowie’s music as much as some, but his love of sci-fi was one of the things that drew me towards it. Space Oddity has always been a favorite. More than his music I was touched by how his passing mirrored my own dad’s death from cancer last year.

It really hit me when I did the math and realized that Bowie would have been diagnosed in August of 2014, the same month my father was. He died almost exactly one year later.  I’m still processing his final album Blackstar in light of the circumstances surrounding it’s creation. I’m mostly impressed by his composure, secrecy and focus knowing he had a terminal illness and limited time remaining.

This piece and it’s original art will be featured in in the show STARMAN: For the Love of Bowie, sponsored by ArtLoveMagic.


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