I’m in The Comic’s Buyers Guide!

I’m in The Comic’s Buyers Guide!

Karen O’Brien from Comics Buyer’s Guide interviews me about Indy Comic Book Week and Senryu. Click the pick to check out “The O’Brien Factor” on page 12 of the April 2010 CBG.


Diamond Comic Distributors announced that no new comics would be delivered Dec. 30, 2009, an enterprising idea was hatched by Space Gun Studios (a Dallas/Ft. Worth?based studio featuring members Evan Bryce, Jake Ekiss, Vinh-Luan Luu, and Matthew Warlick) to use the week to celebrate independent comics. The initiative caught on across the country, as the idea spread via the Internet, and comics shops and creators joined in to put on events. I spoke with co-founder Matthew Warlick about Indy Comic Book Week. CBG: How did you come to co-create Indy Comic Book Week?

Warlick: We (Space-Gun Studios) had heard the news through an e-mail chain that itself was inspired by Kyle Latino?s ?December Deadline ?09? post at www.pulpmessenger.com. From there, we decided among ourselves that it was a great opportunity to spotlight our books and began talking to local shops about the idea. I set up the website (http://indycomicbookweek.com), Luan started the blog, and, through the magic of Facebook and Twitter, it took off from there.

CBG: What were some of the most interesting or creative events that shops, creators, and fans held to celebrate Indy Comic Book Week?

Warlick: I think the sheer number of events is the most outstanding thing about the event. There were signings and mini-cons popping up all over the country, as the event got closer and closer. I know Spaz Dog Comics in Phoenix, Ariz., had a huge 30+ creator signing, and Midtown Comics in New York went all out when it came to purchasing books and had the widest selection of new comics from independent creators.

CBG: What did you do on Dec. 30?

Warlick: I was at my home store, Madness Games & Comics, signing copies of my ICBW release, Senryu.

CBG: Anything else you?d like to share?

Warlick: More than anything, I?d like to thank the retailers for supporting Indy Comic Book Week. They really took to the idea and helped us out tremendously with moral support, promotion, and ? most importantly ? shelf space.

Comic’s Buyers Guide No. 1664 will be out in early February.

Newsarama reviews Senryu

Newsarama reviews Senryu

The guys over at Newsarama’s Best Shots review my first full-length comic Senryu.

…a mixture of chutzpah, free association and illustrated poetry, Indy Comic Week co-founder Matt Warlick’s book is a personal story put in front of an impersonal audience that nevertheless gives readers … food for thought.

…this book isn’t trying to pander to anyone — it’s intensely personal… if you’re a fan of poetry and art and the sort of daydreaming that comes with it, give this book a look.

It may not be Eisner-ready just yet, but Senryu is a precocious read that’s indicative of a lot of potential.

Read the entire interview here.

First Senryu review

Aron Head over at Ideology of Madness provides the first post-Indy Comic Book Week review of my first full-length comic Senryu.

Warlick suckered me in with his lovely artwork and hit me hard with his thought-provoking verse. The book is an anthology of illustrated stories set to lyrical poetry. In my head, there?s a soundtrack to this book. There?s a certain element of Fantasia to it.

You can read the rest here.