First Senryu review

Aron Head over at Ideology of Madness provides the first post-Indy Comic Book Week review of my first full-length comic Senryu.

Warlick suckered me in with his lovely artwork and hit me hard with his thought-provoking verse. The book is an anthology of illustrated stories set to lyrical poetry. In my head, there?s a soundtrack to this book. There?s a certain element of Fantasia to it.

You can read the rest here.

Senryu in-store signing and ICBW promo

Senryu in-store signing and ICBW promo

Indy Comic Book Week is only one day away, and I?ll be signing copies of my full-length comic debut Senryu at Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX (RSVP to the Facebook event here).

To celebrate the ICBW event and Senryu I?ve got a couple of specials offers to those who can make it out to the signing; here’s what I’ll have going on for the event.

As well as Senryu I’ll have copies of the Synesthetic anthology, Real Magicalism, One Off and my first work Weird West. Prints of all sizes will be super cheap, I’ll be doing sketches and taking commissions AND I have 3 limited edition 13×19 Senryu prints for the first 3 people who buy the book and mention them.

Hope to see you there!

Signing at Madness for ICBW

Signing at Madness for ICBW

madness2I?ll be at my home store, Madness Comics and Games, on December 30th for Indy Comic Book Week. I?ll be signing copies of Senryu as well as selling prints , sketches and original art.

Nate Bramble will also be in attendance signing copies of his book Hermit Hill The Comic Strip. Fellow Space-Gunners Jake Ekiss and Paul Milligan will be at Dallas’ own Zeus Comics and Titan Comics, respectively.

So while you’re on break for the Holidays be sure and visit your local funnybook store and check out all the good offerings out for Indy Comic Book Week.

Senryu on Shelves Dec. 30th for Indy Comic Book Week

Senryu on Shelves Dec. 30th for Indy Comic Book Week

My first book, Senryu, will be available (almost) nationwide on Wednesday December 30th, better know as the first day of Indy Comic Book Week. You?ll be able to pick it up it up at participating ICBW retailers starting on new comic book day between Christmas & New Years Eve.

If you don?t know what Indy Comic Book Week is check it out here. It?s the brainchild of our comic collective Space-Gun Studios, and you can support it by going into your local shop Dec. 30th and checking out all of the independent comics on display. Give them a chance, and you might find something you like.

Senryu will be available at the fine comic shops below:

Thanks to everyone who helped donate to the Save Senryu fund and helped to get it printed in the first place. Your books and goodies will be on their way shortly.

Senryu Cover Preview

Senryu Cover Preview

So thanks to the generous folks who’ve contributed to the Save Senryu Fundraiser it looks I should be able to get the book printed, granted a few more donations come in before the 15th.

Since it’s looking good I’m keeping to the same schedule and should be going to print the end of next week.

This weekend has been dedicated to creating the cover and I wanted to share with you guys. This will give you a little peak into the process as well as an idea of what to look for on shelves come December 30th.

Once I settle on a layout I do a rough pencil sketch at about 8×10.
Next up I scan that, print it out at 11×17 on bristol as blue lines and ink it with various brushes, pens, brush-pens, toothbrushes, etc.
Next I scan it in, prep the lineart for colors and do the basic typeesetting. Then I prep to do flats.
Flatting is monotonous but essential.
Once flats are finished I go in and do the final coloring and rendering. This is the really fun part.
Once colors are done It’s back to typesetting and design for color choices and final placement, etc. I went with a studio standard 1/3 wrap cover, since all our Space-Gun books share the feature.
And there’s the finished piece, now you know what to look for come December 30th.
Thanks for reading, if you’d like to donate please do, the fundraiser will be ongoing until the 15th when I go to print or overshoot my deadline!