Idealoop Home Office Concept

Written by Matthew Warlick

February 11, 2014

I recently had the chance to help one of my clients and good friends develop the concept for their new home office.


It all started with some basic sketches from my buddy Chris.



I took his notes and started sketching the basic layout to give myself an idea of how it would all fit together.


Once I had the basics down I decided to move it into SketchUp for better accuracy.


Once I was happy with the model and had approval from Chris I exported an image and started in on the final artwork.


Aside from the first sketch this project was 100% digital so editing and adding in elements or tweaking things was very easy to do.



Once the lineart was complete it was time to throw down the base color flats.


Now the fun part starts. Rendering colors is tied with inking for my favorite step of the process.


Once all the renders are complete I like to go in and add what’s my friends have dubbed “The Warlick Glow”. Evidently I just love atmospheric effects. I think they can add a lot to a piece.


With the artwork done I saved out a version and made a giclee print to send to my buddy. I then went back and added in his annotations so the builder would know exactly what he wanted and where.

Fast forward a couple weeks and (unbeknownst to me) the real-life office has been finished out and ready for use, and I unexpectedly get these  photo in my chat window.



I love watching things come to life like this, and having something you designed come into the real world is a thrill I’ll never get tired of.


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