So i had another odd dream. This time there wasn’t a single alien or UFO in sight, but i did get to fly. It was the most realistic dream i think I’ve ever had, and i’m remembering this from a few days ago, i can only imagine all the parts that have since faded away.

There was no real point it seems, i was out at my parents house in Princeton, visiting for the weekend as i usually do. I was outside on a sunny, gorgeous day. I don’t know what brought it about but i somehow found myself jumping and almost hanging in the air, like the law of gravity had suddenly been turned off. I sat there, floating in midair, slowly sliding back down to the ground. I TRULY believed i was awake and really doing this, it was so realistic.

I wonder why even in the midst of a seemingly realistic dream, we don’t stop to think about what’s happening suppose that is what constitutes a lucid dream, the ability to realize you’re dreaming and control it at will.

I seem to get stuck in the small details.

So there i was, for a good 30 minutes; jumping, floating, and trying desperately to control my newfound gift. I remember being in awe, like a small child would be of an airplane, more worried about the how than the why.

I musta’ got up at least 100 feet after playing around for a while, i remember at one point i saw a car coming down the road, and it was like i lost all my concentration and slid rather quickly back down to the ground.

It went on for some time, although i can’t quite remember how long, i have a very vivid memory of flying through double-door. Old western saloon style in that there were two of them. It was like i was floating just a few inches above the ground and someone pushed me into them. It’s So hard to remember these things.

I woke up feeling heavy, and somewhat disappointed to realize I had been dreaming. I’ sure it has something to do with my shoulder problems, but it still fascinates me.

I must start blogging these things when they are fresh in my mind. And i must blog more, it’s good for my sanity.