My God, I’m Addicted.

Written by Matthew Warlick

November 13, 2006

Ok so …

The heroin addict artist who paints the future is now helping the spook dad to track down the guy who tried to kill the cop who is trying to help the human a-bomb get under control so they can all save the cheerleader, hence, saving the world. Oh, cheerleader is spook dad’s adopted daughter.

Meanwhile the alter-ego-she-hulk is chasing her kitty-pride-shift-phasing husband through the desert for kidnapping their techno-kinetic son after finding out her evil persona screwed him out of $2 million and left him in jail. All this while the Senator who can fly and his power-borrowing-rouge-as-a-man brother try to figure out the connections between them all.

Oh, and Hiro’s ‘Mary Jane’ got her head lopped off by the telekinetic serial killer; but not before teaching him English, and with her sudden tragic death, leading him, no doubt, on an incredible journey of self discovery (through space and time), which, along the way he will become a matrix-style Neo who can bend the fabric of reality and visit the past. While carrying a samurai sword.

Now that’s storytelling.

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