Surgery Date – Sept 22

Written by Matthew Warlick

September 9, 2004

That’s right it’s official. September 22nd will be the big day.

This titanium plate will finally come out and maybe i can get back to some semblance of a normal life. It just so happens that the 22nd is also the fall equinox and the first day of Autumn. I feel that’s a good sign, and I’ve always believed that healing and health are 90% in your mind. Here’s to positivity.
So in my last post i was very excited that i seem to have finally achieved union, meaning that my bone is in one piece and can hold itself together, but now h’m not so sure.

I’m cursed with a curiosity to rival almost anyone’s, and so i like to be as prepared as i can be. So after carefully comparing x-rays from right after the surgery to the one taken in August I’ve come to the conclusion that my signs of union are flimsy at best.

The x-ray was taken at a lighter exposure to show bone of lesser densities, so it’s may be deceiving in that end as well. To my untrained eye it simply appears that my scapula and collarbone are overlapping, and the high exposure gives the illusion of bone growth.

Hopefully I’m wrong though. Check it out for yourself.

Regardless of union or not the plate is coming out, so now i just have to be prepared for whatever complications may arise. Hopefully there IS a small section of bone connecting, which is all i would need to begin recovering, over time stress and weight will force the connection to get thicker and stronger.

So needless to say i’m a bit nervous, but excited to, maybe removing the plate will at least relieve some of my T.O.S. symptoms. The countdown is on. 13 days to go. More to come…

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  1. Anonymous

    First of all good luck with your progress.
    I recently broke my clavicle and lost 3/4 of an inch on my shoulder lenght. I went to 3 orthopedics and all of them would not operate to move the shoulder back into place, my question for you is looking at your xrays, they did not join the clavicle end to end. Why not?

    Don N.J.

  2. Material Vessel

    They didn’t join the end together to allow for some of the bone that was destroyed from playing drums on the non-union. The piece that looks empty is actually filled with synthetic bonegraft, to allow for a latticework for the bone to grow thru. If you look at the current x-rays you can see the new growth quite clearly.

  3. Anonymous

    I broke my clavicle Jan, 2005 and had to undergo two different surgeries to repair with the same plate as Matthew. The shoulder is now fully healed and union has taken place. It still feels uncomfortable and I know there is a plate in my shoulder which is why I am removing in one week. Can you advise why you are removing the plate in your case or if anyone else has had the same surgery to remove. What were the results and how long to heal?

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Anonymous:

    Welcome to the club! Actually you got in before I did. Broken right clavicle near the AC joint on Oct 10 2005. Rather severe break, as close to compound as you can get – considerable deformity. I am seven weeks post op and have been out of a sling for one. Plate and screws similar to yours and Matthew’s. My doctor advised me to leave the hardware in unless there is a real problem. Not that comfort isn’t a problem and quite frankly if my discomfort does not improve I too will have it removed. (There is just something about having un-necessary stuff in the body.) Though I am unable to answer you particular question I did want to post to let you know that my Doctor advised me that you should not remove the plate and screws for at least 18 months. Bones are slow to heal and can take well up to two years to return to “full” strenght. Just wondering when you plan on getting yours out.

    The Big B – Los Angeles