An introduction
On May 4th, 2003, I broke my collarbone. Not an uncommon accident. Collarbone fractures account for more than a third of all broken bones.

I was riding a new ATV. It flipped, and landed on ym shoulder. 500+ pounds of machinery falling backwards, pinning me to the ground, snapping the end off of mt collarbone.

My friend Bruce had to pull it off of me, I was pinned and good. I stood up and miraculously I could walk, I could breathe, I was OK.

Then my shoulder and arm went kinna’ fuzzy, and the pain kicked in. It hurt so bad I fell down.

My parents drove me to the ER, and I was x-rayed, diagnosed with a broken clavicle, and sent home with a sling, with orders to see my orthopedist first thing Monday.

So I go to see the doctor and get the usual shpeal, let it heal, it will most likely be fine. He told me there was an option to do a surgery, to lasso the bones together to ensure healing, I was so scared of surgery I declined, and that has haunted me ever since.

Had I had that small operation then I wouldn’t be in this situation.

My personal advice to anyone who ever breaks there collarbone, HAVE THE OPERATION. It’s not TOO invasive, and will keep you from having a titanium plate installed later.

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