UFO Dreamscapes

Written by Matthew Warlick

June 8, 2004

The night before last i had another “ufo” dream. I usually don’t share them with anyone but my parents or close friends, but they happen so frequently i decided to start blogging them down for posterity.

So the night before last i had the first one i’ve had (or remember) in about a month. In my dream i was at work, on the 16th floor, looking out the window over a green field. Next thing i know i see what looks like a flying saucer wizz by. Then 2 more in opposite directions; then, one came by a bit more slowly and hovered for a bit. I remember very vividly the look of them, they had that classic “flying saucer” shape, only they didn’t float so much as vibrate. They looked like a car tire on film, moving so fast it looks distorted and wobbly, spinning backwards and whatnot. So i look over to my right, and outside on top of the parking garage i see what looks like a giant astronaut, only in my dream i know it’s a robot.

I just love how you “know” things in dreams sometimes.

So this 16 foot tall robot jumps off the top of the parking garage (about 5 stories) and the ground just quakes, even all the way up on the 16th floor. The rest is a jumble of running down 16 flights of stairs, getting outside and under the parking garage, and then waking up.

I have a dream like this at least once a month, most i remember pretty well, others i lose before i’m out of bed. it’s weird too, i sometimes feel exhausted when i get up, it literally feels like i’ve been dreaming for weeks.

I remember one in particular, i was driving on I35 here in Dallas, heading into the city, and i heard a huge roar outside and turned to look; and there is this huge and beautifully eerie ploom of smoke coming out of the ground, behind the skyline. And i look up and it’s a huge missile, like i would imagine an inter-continental ballistic missile looking like, almost floating upwards, like the space shuttle does. Then there was a huge explosion from it’s tail, and it shot up into the atmosphere like a bat out of hell. Next thing i remember i’m at Texas Stadium, and feeling very uncomfortable, so I left and went outside, and started walking out in the parking lot, away from the stadium. I got to the end of the parking lot and turned around, and right about that time this huge explosion rips a whole outta’ the top of the stadium, and the rest of it cracks, and slowly disintegrates and falls in on itself. It’s happened almost in slow motion, I could see each piece crack, crumble, and fall away. I remember frantically looking for someone, although in my dream I didn’t know who they were. Weird how that happens too, It felt like someone important, but I don’t know them. Yeah, all that happened in one night, that was one of those mornings I woke up exhausted.

There is one more that really stands out as well, but I’ll hafta’ come back to that when I have more time. Flying suacers, f16’s and a sky on fire. fun stuff.

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