Day two of DCC was pretty awesome. The lines weren’t nearly as bad but business was jsut as good as day one, with most of that business being in the form of sketches.

This cool kid asked me to do a female Iron Man sketch and I tried to rock it out as best as I could.

Got a nice Two-Face request as well.

Plus a rare appearance by King Bender.

Deadman. Who is dead.

Plus a little Predator action.

And to top it all off the little lady got to meet one of her most favorite actors, Sean Patrick Flanery. Priority pass line-cutting FTW!

All in all it was another very positive convention experience (except for the con-contagion Beth and I came down with Sunday night). Senryu didn’t do quite as well as I had hoped, but I made plenty of profit doing sketches and selling prints, so it was a win. Hopefully Staple will treat the book a bit better come March 6th.