I almost missed Dallas Comic Con this year (they sold out super-fast, proof that a larger venue is now needed) but thanks to fellow Space Gunner Evan Bryce I got to com eout Sunday and hock my wares.

Prints and copies of Senryu moved slowly but I sketched almost the entire 4 hours. First up was a Joker for Charlotte Peeples, wife of awesome artist Brent Peeples.

I get odd requests at ties but this one I liked. It’s Deadman,  holding the ‘deadman’ on a Kovach R11 refueling truck..


And last but my favorite, Destroyer. I loved the new Kirkman mini and plan to do a pinup of the character soon.

Oh, and I finally got a copy (albeit a 2nd printing) of local bad-ass Joe Eisma’s new Image book Morning Glories.

Fun was had by all and I’m looking forward to next year, hopefully bigger venue and more tables in Artist Alley will come with it!