What does 6 months of hard, artistic work look like? I?d imagine something like this.


Above is the completed 100 pages for my first ever original graphic novel. I still can?t show the lettered pages or give away the plot but it was a blast to work on and I learned a lot. I feel like I finally have a grasp on my own personal style and can do it at a consistent pace.

I finished up the pages somewhat early thanks to a week-long productive streak, and will begin a new book for the same company in November.

In the meantime I?m finishing up colors on a 4 page pitch project that, once again, I can?t show or talk much about thanks to an NDA. Look for that next October.

It?s a been a busy few weeks and I?ll be posting some more about our Studio side-project Indy Comic Book Week tomorrow, as well as my contributions to it, Senryu & One Night Stand.