30 Characters, Day 6: The Iron American


Little is known about The Iron American, aside from the fact that the original prototype for the suit was built and flight tested by J. Allen Walton, and later passed down to his Mathias. It is widely thought that Mathias now operates the suit at the behest of the Air Force & US Military, but both repeatedly decline comment on the matter.

30 Characters, Day 5: Hammerhead Fred


While skinny dipping in the Bermuda triangle Young Alfred Fredrickson was attacked by an irradiated hammerhead shark, itself a byproduct of a secret, Government run UFO reverse-engineering project located in an undersea base in the Pacific.

Hiding his powers at first, he burst onto the scene in the Interdimensional Invasion of 99?, and was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in thwarting the invasion of The Old Ones.

He used his success to spin-off a successful cartoon and toy licensing franchise, valued in the millions. He?s now retired and resides in La Jolla, California.

30 Characters, Day 4: Silent Sloth

Day 4 of the 30Characters/30Days project.


Roaming the boundaries of The Forgotten Forrest, where The Old Ones have been imprisoned, he acts as both honorable ronin to the now godless lands, as well as protector of its boundaries and the few remaining people living there.

If you hear him speak, you will not live to tell about it. He is silent. He is a sloth.

He is Silent Sloth.

30 Characters – Day 2: Mountain Man

Day 2 of the 30Characters/30Days project.


Discovered wandering the Pacific in 1903, Mountain Man was recruited into the first Federal League of Heroes in 1933.

After decades of loyal service tragedy struck on June 26th 1980, when, in the heat of battle, Mountain Man was knocked unconscious by Professor Gravitron. His subsequent fall to Earth wiped Plano, Texas and its 220,000 citizens off the map.

He has since become a recluse, shying away from public attention. He now resides in Yellowstone National Park.

30 Characters – Day 1:Pantsless Gramps

I’ve signed up to participate in an event for November called 30 Characters, where each day of the month you create a new character and post it to the blog.

Below is my entry for day one, Pantless Gramps.


Heroes beware for in the shadows lurks Pantsless Gramps, the super-senile psychic senior citizen! He can move matter with his mental might! He cannot, however, remember where he put his pants.

I spent way more time on this than I had planned, about 3 hours. Tomorrow’s character will be slightly less intricate, promise.

I’ll be cross posting these to the blog here as well as my DeviantArt account. I’m really looking forward to it!