I saw something odd last night.

At about 8:40 last night October 9th 2008, in Plano Texas, at the intersection of Custer and The George Bush turnpike, I saw something very odd in the sky.

The object, which consisted of 3 unblinking lights evenly spaced apart, moved rapidly from the south, heading north/northwest over Richardson/Plano, Texas.

It went from 3 small lights on the horizon, to being overhead in a less than two minutes, while making no sound, and seeming to travel UNDER the other air traffic from DFW and Addison Airports.

The object appeared as a pencil-like black shape against the night sky, with 3 white lights, evenly spaced, with one on each end as it moved overhead. It moved very fast. Too fast to be anything man-made.

I have made the appropriate phone calls to law enforcement and even filed reports with MUFON and NURC, but if anybody in the DFW area or beyond saw this object as well I would really like to hear from you.

Here is a map of the area where I saw the object for reference

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It’s raining oddities.

It’s raining oddities.

First this…

‘Flaming debris’ nearly hits jet

The pilots of a Chilean passenger jet reported seeing flaming debris fall past their aircraft as it approached the airport at Auckland, New Zealand.

Map of New Zealand

Lan airline said the captain “made visual contact with incandescent fragments several kilometres away”. New Zealand and Australian media suggested the debris was from a Russian satellite expected to enter the atmosphere later in the day.

Then this..

Unkown satellite-like device falls into Somalia

A baffling device which resembles a satellite or Unidentified Flying Object (U.F.O) has landed in a rural area close to Buulo-Burde town, 220km north of the Somalia capital Mogadishu, eyewitnesses told Shabelle radio on Monday.

Villagers report that the device had fallen in a remote jungle area, some 40km north of Bulo-Burde, killing one camel. No experts have reached there to find out exactly what the object is.

The unknown object is sitting on an area of one 100 meter square as people grew more concern over the device that it might explode or contaminate the area. The device is said to be intact and not broken as it gives alarming signals. No one knows where the satellite-like device had come from.