Influence Map

Influence Map

This meme went around last year and as always I managed to finish mine but never got around to posting it.

Favorite artists of mine shown here include Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, While Portacio, Jim Lee, Sam Keith (all early 90’s favorites), Jack ‘The King’ Kirby, Erik Larsen, Mike Mignola, Wayne Barlow, Ben Templesmith & Scott McCloud. The Aliens franchise and sci-fi in general are a big influence, as are painters like Pollock and Dali, along with a ton of interactive design stuff I didn’t have room to include.

And only a few months late, I’m posting like it’s 2010!

Holidays, deadlines and a new year, oh my!

Holidays, deadlines and a new year, oh my!

As is often the case when I’m under the gun with deadlines and other work madness I’ve  been neglecting the blog. My last post was November 18th so it’s been a good 2 months of craziness with new gigs, deadlines, holidays, family matters and all other sorts of distractions.

They’ve mostly been the good kind of distractions, including a new contractor gig as Art Director for Idea-Loop, a web and mobile app dev shop born from the ashes of the original crew let go from Rockfish Interactive when the new management came in and cleaned house. Coupled with holidays, new work deadlines and some personal issues I’m just now getting caught up on the new year and at a place where I can post again.

One horribly bad distraction was the  sudden and crippling near-deadline death of my beloved PC.  Thankfully my data is all tripled archived, but with a looming deadline and no working machine I was more than frustrated. Thanks to a favor from a friend I managed to get the work done on a borrowed machine. I’ve since repaired the beast (it was a blown power supply) and setup a second, alternate workstation for emergencies consisting of an old laptop and Intuos 3 tablet.

The main setup with new 24 inch monitor.

The alt setup, for when something else dies.

With that taken care of I was able to meet the deadlines and get back up to speed on plans for the new year. Plans that  so far include a trip to Austin for Staple!, another Dallas Comic Con or two and a Space-Gun Studios retreat coming up  where we’ll be planning our world domination for 2011.

So hopefully I’ll be posting more art and design in the near future, and will be able to include some of the design projects I’ve been having to keep under warps, including some sweet iPhone and iPad apps.

So here’s to 2011 and its slow but steady start!