Holiday Commissions

dr_manhattanSo the comic project that was scheduled to start in 2010 has officially fallen through, and with spare time and bills a-plenty pilling up I’m going to open up spots for Holiday commissions.

Commissions can be of any character; comic book heroes/villians, movie or literary figures, portraits of your loved one or even original artmade by me left to my own devices. 😉

I’ll be taking payment through PayPal, and will gurantee a pre-Christmas delivery for all requests I receive before December 9th. Base price for pieces will be $10 for b&w and $20 for color.

I’ll accomodate digital delivery as well as snail mail orders for folks who want original art. If you want to be really picky and/or make a complicated request email me at soulcoredotnet (a) to talk specifics.

$10 bucks gets you an inked sketch of any character delivered by email.
$20 bucks gets you a full color sketch delivered by email.
$30 bucks gets you an inked sketched delivered snail mail style.
$40 gets you a color print delivered snail mail style.
$10 per each additional character.

Order with the handy Paypal Dropdown below!

2009 Holiday Sketches

Senryu Cover Preview

So thanks to the generous folks who’ve contributed to the Save Senryu Fundraiser it looks I should be able to get the book printed, granted a few more donations come in before the 15th.

Since it’s looking good I’m keeping to the same schedule and should be going to print the end of next week.

This weekend has been dedicated to creating the cover and I wanted to share with you guys. This will give you a little peak into the process as well as an idea of what to look for on shelves come December 30th.

Once I settle on a layout I do a rough pencil sketch at about 8×10.
Next up I scan that, print it out at 11×17 on bristol as blue lines and ink it with various brushes, pens, brush-pens, toothbrushes, etc.
Next I scan it in, prep the lineart for colors and do the basic typeesetting. Then I prep to do flats.
Flatting is monotonous but essential.
Once flats are finished I go in and do the final coloring and rendering. This is the really fun part.
Once colors are done It’s back to typesetting and design for color choices and final placement, etc. I went with a studio standard 1/3 wrap cover, since all our Space-Gun books share the feature.
And there’s the finished piece, now you know what to look for come December 30th.
Thanks for reading, if you’d like to donate please do, the fundraiser will be ongoing until the 15th when I go to print or overshoot my deadline!

30 Characters, Day 6: The Iron American


Little is known about The Iron American, aside from the fact that the original prototype for the suit was built and flight tested by J. Allen Walton, and later passed down to his Mathias. It is widely thought that Mathias now operates the suit at the behest of the Air Force & US Military, but both repeatedly decline comment on the matter.

30 Characters, Day 5: Hammerhead Fred


While skinny dipping in the Bermuda triangle Young Alfred Fredrickson was attacked by an irradiated hammerhead shark, itself a byproduct of a secret, Government run UFO reverse-engineering project located in an undersea base in the Pacific.

Hiding his powers at first, he burst onto the scene in the Interdimensional Invasion of 99?, and was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in thwarting the invasion of The Old Ones.

He used his success to spin-off a successful cartoon and toy licensing franchise, valued in the millions. He?s now retired and resides in La Jolla, California.